Rainbow candy can be done in traditional rainbow colours. We have a range of flat rainbow lollies .
Large 13cm-300g
Medium 8cm- 90g
Mini 6cm- 40g
Baby 4cm- 18g
Boys and Girls themed party packs combo’s can be used as stocking fillers. These Candy can be made in Christmas or any other colours.

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Baby Rainbow lolly – 18G – 4CM across

Large Rainbow (13cm) and all are 1.5 – 2cm cm thick

Medium (8cm)  and all are 1.5 – 2cm cm thick.

Mini Rainbow (6cm),and all are 1.5 – 2cm cm thick

Kigis Candy produces high quality Rainbow Rock Candy products with authentic flavours and natural colourants. We produce the Rock Candy for delivery anywhere in South Africa. We can also make customised rock candy colours and designs to fit any party, corporate function or any other event.  These round lolly’s come in 4 sizes (Baby (4cm), Mini (6cm), Medium (8cm) and Large (13cm) and all are 1.5 – 2cm cm thick.